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  1. ruzgar

    Yandex Mail mx and dns setup for Yandex Business

    Hello there, In this article, we will explain how to create an e-mail account specific to your domain or private to your company in the form of contact@domain.com. For companies, you can also receive email from Google as G Suite, from Microsoft as Office 365 or Exchange, or from alternative...
  2. ruzgar

    Xenforo Login with Google Activation

    In Xenforo or similar sites, it takes a long time to become a member of the sites you want to become a member of. Instead, you can sign up right away with your Google or Facebook account. So you don't have to worry about activation or remembering your password. First, let's go to the link below...
  3. ruzgar

    reCAPTCHA v3 and Hiding Logo

    The biggest problem of webmasters is Spam problem. Spam members, spam messages, spam mails, spam ads are quite a headache. Google has a nice app for this: reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA v3 is the latest version and completely free. Here you can find link of recaptcha: reCAPTCHA You can sign in with...
  4. ruzgar

    This page could not load Google Maps correctly. Is this website yours? Error.

    Google hasn't offered the Maps app for free since 2016. It was obvious that distributing such a wonderful service for free would also stop at some point. This error is because you have to create an API. Google is actually somewhat right. The site that uses maps 1-2 times in a week and the site...
  5. ruzgar

    Search Engine Advertising

    In the internet world, the purpose is usually the purchase decision. There are those who see a product for the first time, and those who wait for a campaign or a decision for months and years. There are rational and emotional viewers when making a purchase decision. In fact, every person is...
  6. ruzgar

    G Suite Google Business Spam mail problem

    The fact that you pay for Google G Suite and start using a corporate email address does not mean that your emails will not end up in the spam or junk folder. We also recommend patching the following checks: Imagine that you send an offer, the other party says that there is no mail, but you are...
  7. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 12 Log records and Log management

    Log files are one of the most important parts of a system. With log files, you can find people who log into the system, program error messages, error types, wrong jobs and take action. Many problems are solved by log file inspections. In CentOS, log files are saved in /var/log folder. In SSH...
  8. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 11 Installing Software Using Source Code Package

    Yum and Epel packages are very rich but not sufficient. For example, you may not be able to install the ffmpeg package the way you want with yum install ffmpeg. In this case, the only way to install the software you want is to download the archive files containing the source codes to your server...
  9. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 10 YUM, RPM Software Installation and Package Management

    On Linux, applications are installed as packages, as on Mac and Windows. On CentOS, package installations are done with the Yum tool. The Yum tool provides ease of use. Because when installing the packages, the package is already defined which file will be taken from where and how and where it...
  10. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 9 Scheduled tasks with CRON

    Some operations may need to be performed repeatedly automatically. In this case CRON is used in linux. For example, regular update check, regular update, regular backup, regular file scanning are done with CRON. CRONs are set in minutes, hours, days, months and business days. CRONs are saved in...
  11. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 8 Process Levels and Process Management

    There are runlevels on both Windows and Linux. These are called Runlevels. Runlevel 0: System is in halt mode. All services running at this level are killed. The system shuts itself down safely. When init 0 is written to the terminal, this level is passed. Runlevel 1: Switches from multi-user...
  12. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 7 User and Group Management

    There are usually too many users on Linux. In Windows, there is usually 1 Administrator and 1 or more users. Linux's Administator is the root user. UID : User ID --> User ID GID: Group ID--> Group ID In Linux, we make users with the command useradd and groupadd . generally useradd...
  13. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 6 File Permissions

    In Linux, directory write, access and read permissions are indicated by the letters RWX. The first 3 characters are for the file owner. 2. 3 characters are for the group you have The last 3 characters are global permissions. It's for everyone. r : read permission. w : write permission. x ...
  14. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 5 Links, File Compression and Backup

    Links: There are 2 types of links in Linux. Hard Link (ln) --> When the link is given, it is as if the file was copied. The link still works when the source is deleted. It takes up too much space. Soft Link (ls)--> It is the process of creating a path that we know. ln /home/ruzgar.txt...
  15. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 4 Search Functions

    In Linux, find, grep, ded and locate commands are used as search functions. Find Command: find /ruzgar -name com : Lists the directories with the name com in the ruzgar folder. find . -name "*.jpg" : With this command, we will list the jpg files where we are. find . -user ruzgar : This command...
  16. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 3 Moving, Copying, Deleting Files

    In general, move, copy and delete operations are done with the cp, rm and mv commands. Linux Copy Command cp cp ruzgar.txt com.txt : Copies the data in the ruzgar.txt file into the com.txt file. If there is no com.txt file, it will create it. If the file exists and is full, it deletes it and...
  17. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 2 Linux ip learning and File Listing, File Creation Commands

    Learning server ip, netmask and gateway: With: ifconfig command you can view your network configuration. After connecting to SSH, you can view the following settings by typing ifconfig and pressing Enter. inet: is your server ip, netmask is your gateway and broadcast is your network output...
  18. ruzgar

    Centos Lesson 1 Connecting from SSH to server via SSH

    The method of access to Centos in general is SSH. SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is convenient to install Putty on Windows and Terminal on MacOS to connect to SSH. You can download Putty for Windows at Putty Website Type your server IP in the first part and your Port in the Port field...
  19. ruzgar

    Centos DirectAdmin SSH Root Port Change

    When you connect to Centos You can see a message like that: In other words, there were 39452 SSH attempts in 12 hours. If this continues like this, there is a very high probability that they will find the real password one day. You can take a simple precaution for this. You can change the...
  20. ruzgar

    Centos History

    CentOS Project is community-driven free software focused on providing a robust open source ecosystem around a Linux platform. Its Current Version is Centos 8. Centos is the latest version of CAOS Linux developed by Gregory Kurtzer. Information about CentOS can be found at...