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Centos Lesson 3 Moving, Copying, Deleting Files


Staff member
Oct 3, 2021
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In general, move, copy and delete operations are done with the cp, rm and mv commands.

Linux Copy Command cp
  • cp ruzgar.txt com.txt : Copies the data in the ruzgar.txt file into the com.txt file. If there is no com.txt file, it will create it. If the file exists and is full, it deletes it and creates a new one.
  • cp -i ruzgar.txt com.txt : Writes the data in the ruzgar.txt file into the com.txt file, but warns us if there is a file. He asks if he will change.
  • alias cp=' cp i' : defaults to using the cp command as cp -i. Thus, it makes the copying process safe.
  • cp -r /root/ruzgar /usr/com : This command copies the file named ruzgar and the al folders into the com folder.
  • cp * : Copies all files in the current directory.
  • cp *.jpg *.pdf /ruzgar : All jpg and pdf files in the current folder are copied into the ruzgar folder.
  • cp --backup ruzgar.txt /root/com : The purpose of this code is to prevent copy errors. If there is already a ruzgar.txt file in com, adding ~ saves the file with different names.
Move Command mv in Linux
  • mv ruzgar com : Moves the file named ruzgar into the file named com.
  • mv ruzgar /usr/com: it will also move the file named ruzgar into /usr/com.
  • mv [ruzgar] [com] : It will change the file named ruzgar to com.
Erase Command in Linux rm
  • rm wind : It will delete the wind folder we created in Lesson 2.
  • rm *txt: Deletes all txt files in the directory.
  • rm /ruzgar/com: Deletes the com folder in the ruzgar folder.