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Centos Lesson 4 Search Functions


Staff member
Oct 3, 2021
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In Linux, find, grep, ded and locate commands are used as search functions.

Find Command:​

  • find /ruzgar -name com : Lists the directories with the name com in the ruzgar folder.
  • find . -name "*.jpg" : With this command, we will list the jpg files where we are.
  • find . -user ruzgar : This command lists the documents written by the user ruzgar.
  • find /user -group ruzgar : this command lists documents created by user group named ruzgar.
  • find / -newer ruzgar.txt : This command lists documents created after the creation date of the ruzgar.txt file.
  • find /ruzgar -perm 777 : Lists files with permission status 777 in the /ruzgar folder.
  • find /wind ! -perm 777 : Lists files that do not have 777 permission status in the /ruzgar folder.
  • find . -size +200M : Lists files larger than 200Mb in the current directory.
  • find / -size +50M -size -80M : Lists files between 50Mb and 80Mb in current directory.
  • find . -type d : Lists all files in current directory and subdirectories.
  • find . -type f : Lists all folders in current directory and subdirectories.
  • find . -user wind -perm 777: Lists files with file permission 777 and owned by wind.
  • find /home -size +1M - type f : Folders larger than 1Mb in size are listed in the Home folder.
  • find /ruzgar -iname - com : It will fetch files with com, COM, Com, cOm etc. in ruzgar folder.
  • find / -type f -name "*.jpg" : lists all jpg images in the directory.
  • find / -type f -emtpty : Lists only empty folders.
  • find / -type d -emtpty : Lists only empty directories.
  • find / -type f -name ".*": Lists all hidden files on the system.
  • find / -amin 60: Lists files accessed in the last 1 minute.
  • find / -mmin 60: Lists files modified in the last 1 minute.
  • find / -atime 60: Lists files accessed in the last 60 days.
  • find / -mtime 60: Lists files modified in the last 60 days.

Grep Command:​

The grep command searches by file content. The command is case sensitive. We can turn this sensitivity off with -i.
  • grep ruzgar com.txt : Returns the lines that contain the word wind in the com.txt file.
  • grep -i ruzgar com.txt : Returns the lines in the com.txt file with the word ruzgar, Ruzgar, RUZGAR ....
  • grep iw [ruzgar] com.txt : It returns lines containing blank characters at the beginning and at the end.
  • grep -r [ruzgar] com.txt : Returns all lines containing the word wind.
  • grep ip gar$ com.txt : Returns lines that end with the word gar.
  • grep -iv ^$ com.txt : Returns non-blank lines.