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Search Engine Advertising


Staff member
Oct 3, 2021
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In the internet world, the purpose is usually the purchase decision. There are those who see a product for the first time, and those who wait for a campaign or a decision for months and years.
There are rational and emotional viewers when making a purchase decision.
In fact, every person is special, everyone should be treated special, but this is not possible. Customer categories and generalizations should be made. Each group has a different communication and service need.

Although search engine advertising is improving day by day, computers will never be as creative as humans.. They can be smarter, but not more creative..
Google frequently changes its SEO algorithm. Google has to do this because now there are billions of products, billions of web pages. But google makes mistakes and will, at least for a while. Because it cannot be a perfect system. While trying to eliminate front sites, people who produce real content, valuable information and valuable products started to pass by. We see this very clearly. But he is also right. After artificial intelligence or commanded content, the business went out of hand..

In the past, there are no sites that get indexed immediately when you enter a content.

It takes more time, more money and more technical work, effort and patience.

When marketing a product or doing search engine advertising, you should first think about customer profiles. While some are waiting for very long articles about the product, very long reviews, some just look at the reviews. Some only look at the average product rating, while others only look at whether the reviews are sincere, natural.

Your task is to average.
But in a quality way.

You have to find and delete comments written with spam, fake repellent robot or translated. Our guess is that they work with foreign SEO companies and they do not know Turkish and use google translate.

You have to write enough technical explanations to some clients... That's very clear.

Product vendors often underestimate their customers. They do not provide enough detailed descriptions about their products. But many customers want to know the details. Others look at enough photos. If they like the product, they buy it. If there is a missing photo, they will feel something. Not good enough..

The web world is not as simple as minus.

Now you can provide search engine advertising service suitable for all average customer profiles. Dropdown menus are very convenient for this.

Whoever wants what, who cares about what, focus there.

Add enough photos of your product, your service, add enough descriptions.

What is what is not.

How is it diagonally from right to left? How are the customer reviews? Is it natural or fake? Check.

Let customers reach the sections they are interested in by opening tabs and clicking on the tabs.

Yes, it's not easy to please everyone.

But in order to be successful, it is necessary to make everyone happy and put in effort.

We have to do this now.