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Xenforo Login with Google Activation


Staff member
Oct 3, 2021
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In Xenforo or similar sites, it takes a long time to become a member of the sites you want to become a member of.
Instead, you can sign up right away with your Google or Facebook account. So you don't have to worry about activation or remembering your password.

First, let's go to the link below and log in.

Google Cloud Platform

Then click the Create project link.


Then enter the Project name, organization and location:


Once the project is created, click on the hamburger menu icon located at the top left, then select APIs and Services, then Credentials in the sidebar, and finally OAuth Confirmation Screen and complete the details as required and save the settings.

Click CREATE CREDIT, select OAuth Client ID, then WEB APPLICATION and complete the details as follows:
In the AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS fields, enter your domain URL without a trailing slash. For example, XenForo - Compelling community forum platform. Note that if users access your site both with and without "www", you must enter both URLs. Similarly, if users can access your site both with and without HTTPS, you should enter a value with http and https. Each URL should be placed on its own line. Make sure all variations of the URL used to access your site are entered.
In the AUTHORIZED RE-DIRECTED URIS field, enter <XF board URL> /connected_account.php.

For example,


The beginning of this URL must exactly match your Board URL setting in XenForo.
Double check that all URLs are correct and then click the Generate Client ID button. The Create Client ID overlay will appear, so just click the Cancel button.

On the Credentials page, note the CUSTOMER ID and CUSTOMER PRIVACY.
You can customize this in your Google project via APIs and Authorization > Confirmation screen to change the values displayed when a user tries to register via Google.

Configuring Google linked account

To terminate the Google linked account, you need to enter the data obtained above in the corresponding section of the XenForo control panel.

Login to the Admin Control Panel.
Go to Setup > Linked accounts.
Click Google from the list. Enter and save the previously obtained Client ID and Client secret in the respective fields.
Test the linked account