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Yandex Mail mx and dns setup for Yandex Business


Staff member
Oct 3, 2021
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Hello there,

In this article, we will explain how to create an e-mail account specific to your domain or private to your company in the form of contact@domain.com.

For companies, you can also receive email from Google as G Suite, from Microsoft as Office 365 or Exchange, or from alternative organizations like zoho.

Or you can use your server's local mail server. cPanel Directadmin locam mail server setup is very easy but it is very difficult to prevent your mails from being spam or to prevent spam mails.

For this reason, our recommendation is to install Yandex Mail, which is free and works very successfully.

First of all, you must be a member of Yandex. If you are not a member Click here to become a member of Yandex Mail.

If you are already a Member or after you become a Member click here to login.

Then Click Here to open the following page. Enter your domain name and press the Sin up now button.


You can create an email address and password for your website by following the instructions.

You will also need to set the following DNS settings in cPanel or Directadmin during installation.

It takes between 1 hour and 72 hours for DNS settings to settle.

The most important setting here is the mx setting. If you don't redirect mx to mx.yandex.net your email would not work.

yandex mx spf  DKIM ayarları.png

After Yandex Installations, Yandex login links are below.

Login to Yandex mail: https://mail.yandex.com/
Opening and managing email address: https://connect.yandex.com/portal/admin/structure
Yandex connect administration : https://connect.yandex.com/portal/admin

For Outlook and Mobile phone installations, the settings and ports should be as follows:

Incoming email
  • email server address — imap.yandex.com.tr;
  • connection security — SSL;
  • port — 993.
Sent e-mail
  • email server address — smtp.yandex.com.tr;
  • connection security — SSL;

You can write your questions below.